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Open everyday from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.


- On Tuesday, June 4, 2024, the Palace will be closed for a private event. Sorry for the inconvenience.

- On Saturday, June 8, 2024, the Palace will be closed for a private event.

- The day before June 8, on Friday, June 7, the Palace will close access at 2 p.m., leaving at 3 p.m. Sorry for the inconvenience.

- Likewise, on Friday, June 28, the Palace will close access at 1:00 p.m., leaving at 2:00 p.m. Sorry for the inconvenience.

- Free tickets for non-holiday Mondays can be reserved online; once capacity is reached, access will not be permitted. If there are unreserved tickets, they will be offered at the box office; it is preferable to call to ask. This is determined to avoid having to wait in line for an hour. RESERVE

- On windy days, plus than 50 km / hour, the Palace can be closed totally or partially for visitor safety. It would be reported at the same entrance door.

- Please, visit our new "Garden Web"

- Las Dueñas Palace has just joined the "Great Gardens of the World" project website as the first and only place in Spain.


Map visit Duenas



Open everyday from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.


Summer (April to September) from 10 to 20 h. Last entry and access to the Palace is at 19:15 and will be emptied at 19:50 h.

Winter (October to March) from 10 to 18 h. Last entry and access to the Palace is at 17:15 and will be emptied at 17:50 h.

Closed on January 1st , January 6th and December 25th. Previous day will be open until 15:00 pm.

The management of the Palace may change opening times if necessary.

On windy days, more than 50 km / hour, the Palace can be closed totally or partially for visitor safety. It would be reported at the same entrance door.

Telephone information: +34 954 21 48 28


General Ticket: 13€

Tickets for groups: 11€ (groups ≥ 20 people)

Reduced Ticket: 10€ Children from 6 to 16 years old, Disabled +33%, Unemployed, University students under 25 years old and Over 65’s. (Status proof must be accredited with valid documentation)

Free entry: Children under 6 (2 years old for the children's weekend workshop). Official Guides. Non-holiday Mondays from 4:00 p.m. and every hour, until one hour before closing, a total of 200 tickets are distributed (summer 50 every hour, winter 100 every hour), it can be reserved on the website, once the capacity is filled, no more tickets will be accepted at the entrance.


In the ticket office from 10 h to 45 minutes before the closing time. 

On line ticket sales 

Telephone for groups or private events: +34 954 21 48 28 //  



Telephone: +34 954 21 48 28

Booking recommended for more than 20 people to confirm the capacity.

Private Guides suggested: Engranajes Culturales: +34954043851; Maripaz Sierra: +34 678522481; PASEOS CON ARTE: +34 654566499; CONOCE MI CIUDAD: +34 611498039; APIT Sevilla: +34 691080715; PASSION TOURS: +34 954563245; AUITS: +34 699494204; AGOT: +34 954222374; ASEGOT: +34 691316880 ; APIE: +34 954105754; ATALAYA: +34 629568531; AGIS: +34 687057200; GENUINE: +34 655232132; GUIAENSEVILLA: +34 644576712; DESCUBRIR SEVILLA: +34 639488431; TOUR SEVILLA: +34 606757422; SEVILLA MIA TOURS: +34 687202988; CITY TOUR SEVILLA: +34 615075082; SEVILLA OFFICIAL TOURS: +34 653287310; SEVILLA INSIDE: +34955267084; MANUELA BONILLA: +34 663019278; ALL SEVILLA GUIDES: +34606217194; MARÍA FERRÓN: +34 665160854; PASEOS POR SEVILLA: +34 605221075; SEVILLADISCOVER: +34 600317949; ANGELA Mª LOPEZ: +34 672304139; TRIPSEVILLA: +34 652 047506; Samael Fernández Aranda: +34 658286551; Sevillandyou: +34 626765901; EnseñArte Sevilla +34 644379938; Juan Alberto Romero: +34 636727338; Celina Hidalgo: +34 659898537; Andalusian Roots: +34 605660560; Sevilla Única: +34 691887802; Seville Tours Co:+34 600774354; María de Mora Alvarez +34 625935772; Arton Tour Seville: +34 625998545; Show me Sevilla: +34 670884938; Clara Leal Paz: +34 625888994; Ignacio Fernández Otero: +34 647176471; MACARENA TOURS: +34 644754886; Jorge Gómez: +34 637371999; Macarena Gómez: +34 662079353; Ricardo Carmona Suárez: +34 659021188; Raquel Rubia: +34 662581429; María Doval: +34 615771336; Lola Naranjo: +34 659309261; Carmen Ruiz Gálvez: +34 676805094; Sara Velázquez: +34 680853843; Enjoy Sevilla: +34 600482250; Isabel Rico: +34 646528386; Sofía Ventura: +34 600017785; Beatriz Pérez García: +34 659012202; Berta Ferrer: +34 615064814; Kinga Marciniak (English and Polish): +34 644121638 / +48 502 869 547

; Clara M. Alarcón de Francisco: +34 659 445233Cristina Gálvez: +34 605583557José María Camas Rodríguez (ESP, PT): +34 699110149SEVILLACONGUIA (SP, EN, JP): +34 645 079 718Marta Marín: +34 647237030; Laura Tinajero: +34 600009039

(If you are an official guide not included here, please send us an email)

The entrance includes Audioguide or APP.
We recommend downloading the mobile app prior to the visit:

Available in Spanish, English, French, German and Italian.

At the entrance to the Palace there is free Wi-Fi (LASDUENAS) to download the APP without using your data.

QR app audioguia

General terms and conditions

• The ticket is required for the access. Tickets are valid only for the number of person, the date and the entry time slot stated on their face and QR code. During the visit you must retain your ticket safely for production on demand by the representative of the Palace. Tickets cannot be refunded or exchanged. • The price of the tickets and the politics of reduction and free tickets will be the established ones in the web and in the informative signage in the Palace. The reduced and free tickets should always be accredited with valid documentation the current day of the visit at the ticket office. • Children under 14 can not access alone to the venue and should be accompanied by an adult throughout the visit. • To access the shop is required a valid ticket. • Visitors must attend at all times to instructions given by the staff of the Palace. Our staff is authorised to require you to comply with these Visitor Regulations or any directions given under them. If necessary, our staff have our authority to escort you from the Palace premises.• Do not enter the building with objects or substances which may jeopardize the integrity of persons or goods. • It is forbidden the access to people with obvious signs of intoxication or symptoms of being under the influence of drugs. • It is strictly forbidden: Touching the art pieces, paintings or furniture. Sitting on any stairs or the floor, locking the entrance doors in any way . Smoking on patios or indoor rooms. Eating or drinking in the whole space. You can make video or photographs exclusively on outdoor gardens, not in interior rooms. Running through the halls or climbing on any part of the collection, or the fabric of the building including walls, monuments, barriers and columns . Do not leave children unattended. Conduct any business outside established by the Palace (official guided tours, audio guides or Tent) without authorization by management. Visitors are requested to respect safety distance to art works. Maintain a gentle tone and low conversation. Visitors are asked not to use your mobile phone inside the building , and to turn phones to silent. Urgent calls should be answered in the gardens. ​


Guide Visits

• Please, contact for booking. • A maximum of four groups will be booked for each time slot, with a distance of 15 minutes to start the visit of each group (maximum a group every 15 minutes). • The guided tour may be booked on 48 hours before the visit. • Visiting hours must be respected. • Maximum number of people recommended per visit in guided tours: 30 (including guide). • The maximum tour length is 60 minutes, after which the visitors may continue the visit individually. • To reduce noise and improve the visitor's stay groups (more than 8 people plus guide) will be forced to use Guidance Systems Group (microphone and headphones), the Guide will be in charge of this service. • Groups should arrive 15 minutes in advance at the time of visit in order to perform pre-check procedures.​ • It is not allowed to take guided tours on free Mondays for the accumulation of people in the rooms.

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